Custom Big Talk Icebreaker Conversation Starter Cards for your Company, School, or Organization

Give the most meaningful employee/student/group-member gift ever with these custom Big Talk icebreaker conversation starter cards designed based on your organization's values. They are great for employee gifting, conferences, mixers, corporate retreats, events, team bonding, and more. If you are interested in custom conversation starter question cards for your company, school, or organization, please contact or get started by filling out this questionnaire. We are happy to show you samples! Skip the small talk and make Big Talk! Learn more about Big Talk at

For customized decks, we are personalized and flexible with the process. In the past, we have gone through the following process with other organizations:

1. Fill out survey and if needed have a consultation call to understand your branding needs / what theme of Big Talk questions you are looking for.
2. Big Talk sends you a list of questions based on your needs for your approval. You are able to choose your favorites, and add any additional questions.
3. Big Talk works with your branding point person/designer and someone we have in-house to develop a co-branded box for the cards.
4. Once the questions and design are approved, we handle the manufacturing of the cards, and ship them directly to you!

Please let us know if you have any questions by emailing We look forward to working with you!

Please note, customized card decks require a minimum of a 1.5 month turnaround time.