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Make Big Talk


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Now available! The long-awaited version two is here! A labor of love with 150 entirely new Big Talk questions. Thank you for supporting Big Talk all these years!
  • 150 new questions to skip the small talk and make more meaningful connections 
  • The color of true blue like the inspiring sky that unites us as one humanity
  • Eco-friendly printing because the earth comes first!
  • Bigger size cards (standard playing size) to hold in your hand
  • Play with loved ones, coworkers, teammates and classmates, new acquaintances, and even yourself!
  • The perfect icebreaker team building activity!
  • Giftable tabletop size for home or office.

Co-produced by Kalina Silverman and Alex Chan.

Customer Reviews

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Judith Martens

Thank you for the quick handeling

Karen V.
Best Thanksgiving lunch conversation ever!

This year, along with the turkey and the trimmings, I brought the Big Talk box to my brother's house. The six of us took turns drawing a card that we either wanted to answer or wanted to hear others answer, and the conversation lasted for over two hours (with lots of refills to our plates, of course). I've always thought that dining tables are the real furniture of intimacy, and my family proved that, thanks to the Big Talk questions. Upon leaving, my mom said that it was "the best family conversation we've ever had." Even my teenaged nephew agreed (and that's saying something). I left the Big Talk box of cards at my brother's house, and I know that it'll keep their conversations flowing in the months to come. Thank you! Also, BLAZING FAST SHIPPING! :)

Barbara miller
Fast Delivery to Canada

I was happy there was no dutty charges.
I'm not good at small talk. Very bad at asking personal questions. That's going to change.
question are brilliant!

Love this!!

I used this game on one of my first dates with my now girlfriend. I would have had no idea what to talk about were it not for these cards! THANKS BIG TALK!

Jasmine H
Wonderful way to connect with people

These cards are great conversation starters. I love to use them on date nights or if I'm having a night in with my friends. These questions really encourage you to fully engage with the people you are with—and they even help you learn more about yourself. You can even use them as journaling prompts to guide some self discovery, as these questions are really built for you to pause and reflect.

I always hated uncomfortabke small talk, but I never really knew how to jump in deeper. Big Talk has been a great tool to kickoff meaningful conversations that help you to truly understand someone.